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TINYGIANT is a Melbourne/London based video creative-services provider that specializes in producing content for social media, individuals and corporations. The business utilizes the latest audio/video technology to produce cost-efficient corporate, music, documentary, short-film, events, advertising and original video content. TINYGIANT takes opportunities provided by the explosion in web-based video content by producing quality video to client’s specifications. Therefore we aim to create high quality videos that are planned, designed and produced to generate a response, increase trafficeducate and engage an audience. 

TGF Showreel 2013 from Jonathan Byron on Vimeo.

A showreel for the work of Director Jonathan Byron / Tiny Giant Films.

The reel consists of Documentary, Corporate, Training, Travel, Events, Film, Promotion and Music videos.

Companies, Events and Individuals include: Rathwell safety training video (London), Jauntaroo (US) promotional video for Rachel Mazza, Kniffy Productions motion capture logo (Denmark), Deris Travel Agency holiday footage video (Berlin), Musikfest Berlin event video, personal film projects, promotional videos for BREAD&BUTTER fashion fair (Berlin), Pozible crowd funding video for Sarah Corner’s book ‘Unique Families’, live music video for Owls of the Swamp (Melbourne).

Dreamful Trailer from Jonathan Byron on Vimeo.

Here’s the trailer for ‘Dreamful’, a new short silent film which has already received some wonderful feedback.

A second cut of the film was screened in August at an independent film screening night in Melbourne and the response was extremely positive! We still have some shooting left to do but you should expect to see it floating around film festivals near the end of year.

‘Dreamful’ is a black & white silent film about Josephine; a mime who falls into a lucid dream which distorts her reality. In her dream she sees images of her past, struggles with a ghost, becomes childlike with the moon and witnesses the secrets of the universe.

The film takes influences from 1930’s film era directors such as Carl Theodor Dreyer, Georg Wilhelm Pabst, German expressionist directors such as Robert Wiene, Fritz Lang and F.W. Murnau and the cinematic surrealism of Luis Buñuel.

It’s nice to see people are still open to these kind of expressionist genres in today’s digital age. 


The Hypnotist - live at The Workers Club, Melbourne 02:06:13 from Jonathan Byron on Vimeo.

I filmed this Owls Of The Swamp gig while my friend Pete Uhlenbruch (the creator/singer songwriter) was visiting Australia recently and played a small tour. I was shooting alone and therefore intercut footage from other parts of the concert and lighting elements found in the venue. Everything in the clip was shot on the day at the gig, including the interview with Pete.

'The Hypnotist' performed by Owls Of The Swamp at The Workers Club in Fitzroy, Melbourne on Sunday 2nd June, 2013. Written and performed by Pete Uhlenbruch with Lawrence Folvig on electric guitar and Ainslie Wills on keyboard.

Shot on a Lumix GH2 using a Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f/0.95 Lens and edited in Premier Pro CS6. Filmed, edited and color graded by Jonathan Byron.

To download the single ‘The Hypnotist’ visit

Djun De Lou - A Berlin Artist from Jonathan Byron on Vimeo.

In June 2012 I had the opportunity to shoot my first short documentary while living in Berlin. My subject was abstract artist, Djun De Lou, who had become a good friend over the 2 years I lived there. The idea was to capture Djun in his creative process of forming a new painting, over 2 days at his studio apartment in Neukölln, Berlin.

As the artist painted new skins on his canvas I attempted to get under the artist’s skin; sometimes Djun was very introspective and reflective, however most of the time he did not talk, instead he let the brush replace his words, descriptions and dialogue. During the painting process he said, “What you see is what you get, but you can never get what you see, so it’s always a contradiction you know”. The subtle complexities of art are exactly that, contradictions for anyone who wishes to pigeon hole it, especially abstract art and especially an artist as original as Djun De Lou.

The documentary was my first effort in film making and this reflects in the rawness of the shots, camera mic used and lighting. It is somewhat rough around the edges but I like that, because I was still learning and experimenting. I kept true to what Djun wanted, including the final cut and even respecting his Mauritius origins by using French titles.

I hope you enjoy an intimate and brief look into the life of a great Berlin artist.

Verloren Trailer from Jonathan Byron on Vimeo.

A trailer for my first short film titled Verloren. A dramatization about a character who escapes a self destructive life in Berlin to find peace in the wilderness of Germany. However, during his isolation he is confronted by his own demons and the loss of his girlfriend. Verloren is also a philosophical journey, questioning mankind’s detachment from nature and a man’s search for his spirituality amidst the loss of direction in his life. The German title ‘Verloren’ translates to ‘lost’ in english, because it is essentially a film about finding oneself after all seems lost.


Jona Byron (male character, male narration)
Bianca Praetorius (female narration)
Neža Dolžan (female character)

Filmed in Berlin and Schorfheide forest Chorin, Germany 2012.
Written, Filmed and Directed by Jonathan Byron.
Additional cinematography by Richard Koenig.
Edited by Jonathan Byron.

‘Steep Hills Of Vicodin Tears’
Music by A Winged Victory For The Sullen.

Melodica Festival Berlin 2010 - Part 1 from Jonathan Byron on Vimeo.

In October 2010 the first Berlin Melodica festival was held over 2 days in a tiny cafe called Hubertus Lounge. Our friend and fellow organiser/musician Matthias Brasch (Our Blanket Skies) had been in touch with Torben Stock (organiser of Hamburg Melodica) and had been hard at work for some time making preparations for the festival. Artists from Berlin, Denmark, America, England, Australia, Italy and elsewhere came to join in the circle of friendship and music.

It was an unforgettable event documented on video by several spectators. However this particular documentary is special, in the fact that is was documented by 2 of the artists that played, myself (Jona Byron) and Jonas Dahl. I filmed as much of the festival as I could, but managed to film a lot more after the festival, when 7 of the artists (including myself) went on a Melodica Festival Tour of East Germany.

This can be seen in part 2, but for now enjoy an introduction to ‘Melodica Festival Berlin 2010’ with some beautiful post production work by Jonas Dahl.

Refuge from Jonathan Byron on Vimeo.

An atmospheric music video made for the road song ‘Refuge’ and taken from the EP ‘Red Tide’ released Dec 2011. The video was shot using an iPhone 3GS in Iceland, during the late summer of 2010. Jonathan Byron spent time in a remote cabin in the north of Iceland writing and recording material whilst travelling through the country and documenting the journey.

I'm a Leopard from Jonathan Byron on Vimeo.

A beautiful and enlightening music video filmed at the famous Berlin Christmas market at Potsdamer Platz by Jonathan Byron in the winter of 2010. ‘I’m a Leopard’ written, produced and performed by Australian musician, Jona Byron from an unreleased album.

Filmed and edited as a Christmas present for Dulli in Berlin, Germany by Jonathan Byron in December 2010.